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Endorsement:  Florida's licensure for all active programs




A large number of licensed professionals relocate to other states every year to practice. To become licensed in a given state, the prior state licensed professional must determine which licensing requirements are necessary for the new state in which they wish to practice.


Our mission at Florida Barber Academy is to provide you with a smooth transition into the licensing process in our state.


For the state of Florida, we have provided reciprocity information.

Endorsement checklist:

______ Copy of ID

______ Copy of SS card

______ Official Transcripts

______ FL Law exam with passing grade

______ Valid HIV certificate

______ Credit evaluation form completed

______ Payment PIF

           _____ Cosmetology $1,500.00

           _____ Barber $1,500.00

           _____ Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics $1,200.00

           _____ Full Specialist $1,000.00

           _____ Facial Specialist $500.00

           _____ Nail Technician $500.00

______ DBPR Application submitted (with school endorsement and required documents)

______ Date set for testing (if applicable)

______ License received

Endorsement Procedure:


  • Student will meet with the Admissions department.


  • In order to qualify for endorsement, the student must have the following:
  • Official transcripts from their schools. If not in English, must get it translated using an official and approved company.
  • Must have completed the program they are seeking endorsement for.
  • Must have completed studies in less than 10 years. If beyond 10 years, the credits will not be accepted, and student will not be considered to have completed the program.
  • Government issued ID.
  • Social security number card.


  • Director of Education will evaluate the official transcripts. The credit evaluation will be completed and must be signed by the Director of Education, Registrar, and the student seeking the endorsement.


  • If the prior state licensed professional (prospective endorsee) qualifies for an endorsement, the Director of Education (DOE) will notify the Admissions department. The Admissions representative will take the prospective endorsee to the Financial Aid/Bursar Department to complete the required paperwork. THE PROPOSED ENDORSEMENT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLETED UNTIL: THE DOE HAS COMPLETED THE EVALUATION FORM AND ALL PARTIES HAVE AGREED AND SIGNED. STUDENT SHOULD NOT MAKE PAYMENT UNTIL IT IS APPROVED.


  • Student must complete:
  • FL law examination (all required studies will be provided).
  • HIV certification (all required studies will be provided).
  • State board preparation (if applicable).
  • Payment in full per program per contract. Enrollment agreement must say it is an endorsement for the program.


  • Once the student completes all of the above the application to DBPR will be submitted with the following:
  • Credit evaluation
  • HIV certificate
  • School endorsement


  • The student will not receive a diploma from Florida Barber Academy.





For over 15 years, Florida Barber Academy has stood amongst the barber schools in Florida. Our goal is to provide future licensed professionals with a positive environment where creativity is fostered and students are allowed to grow into becoming well rounded professionals within the beauty industry.


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