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Course cost

Tuition:   $12,200.00

Books & supplies:   $700.00

TOTAL:   $12,900.00

Program: Facial Specialist/Makeup Artistry

This program is designed to teach students the art and science of beautifying the skin and face, to give a professional facial massage, apply makeup using advanced techniques, and to use safety precautions and sanitation methods in basic facials, advanced facials, and facial makeup.


Students will learn to identify diseases and disorders of the skin. They will acquire professional techniques appropriate for all types of skin conditions and learn how to apply the appropriate makeup for those conditions. Program content Includes current information on infection control, facials, hair removal, and advanced makeup techniques.


Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamentals 11th Edition

Milady Standard Esthetics Advanced 2nd Edition

Milady Standard Makeup 1st Edition

Course details


Facial specialist/makeup artistry


PROGRAM CIP:   12.044


PROGRAM LENGTH:  Eight (8) months

COST OF PROGRAM:   $12,900.00

Overall graduation rate:

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Disclosure: Florida Barber Academy is currently pending approval from the Department of Education for the Facial Specialist Makeup Artistry Program for Title IV eligibility.


FBA gives the option/opportunity to purchase textbooks outside from the school, to new enrolled students for the Barber/Stylist, Cosmetology, Nail Technician, Makeup Artistry, Full Specialist, and Facial Specialist Makeup Artistry Programs. The institution will accommodate as such, to allow the students to use subsequent disbursement of Title IV Aid to pay for those funds. For further questions please contact the school financial aid office.


FS101    Infection Control (skin care)

17 Clock Hours

 State Laws & Rules and knowing the differences between them will be the main topic of this course. The students will distinguish the types and classifications of bacteria, and the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. The discussion will cover Standard Precautions, and how to safely clean and disinfect salon and spa tools and equipment as a responsible salon/spa professional.

16 Clock Hours

FS102    Basics of Chemistry/Basics of Electricity

A basic understanding of the principles of Chemistry and Electricity, and application of these principles to the machines and equipment, spa products, and retail products used in skin care and nail care industries will be covered in this course.

85 Clock Hours

FS103    Disorders and Diseases of the Skin

This course covers the different disorders and diseases of the skin, including pigment disorders and cancers of the skin. The functions of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands and how they affect the skin are included.

FS104    Skin Analysis

30 Clock Hours

The main topic of this course is skin analysis for a client. Students will learn to identify oily, normal, dry, and mature skin types, and they will master methods for proceeding with a customized basic facial.

FS105    Skin Care Products

30 Clock Hours

Professional skin care products, home care products and their ingredients are the main topic of this course. Cosmetic chemistry, product safety knowledge and safe product use are also discussed.

FS106    The Treatment Room

10 Clock Hours

This course identifies the different tools and equipment used in the treatment room, and the disposable items and products used to customize the basic facial for individual skin types.

FS107    Facial Treatments

71.25 Clock Hours

Procedures and techniques for basic facial treatments will be the main activities, including facial treatments specific to oily, dry and mature skin types.

FS108    Facial Massage

30 Clock Hours

A discussion of all types of facial massage, including oriental and lymphatic drainage massage will be covered, and then performed by the students.

FS109    Facial Machines

7.25 Clock Hours

The different types of facial equipment, including the purposes of each type of equipment and the use of electrotherapy and light therapy in performing a facial, are the main topics of this course.

FS110    Hair Removal

7.5 Clock Hours

Students will learn the different types of hair removal. They will learn about contraindications for hair removal, and about methods for either temporary or permanent hair removal.

FS111    Advanced Topics and Treatments

30 Clock Hours

Advanced facial treatments, aromatherapy and advanced massage techniques, including the concepts of energy work and Reiki in the treatment room are discussed, and then performed by the students.

FS112    The World of Makeup

26 Clock Hours

Students will be introduced to all types and applications of facial makeup. They will understand makeup products and their uses, color theory, and how to alter the face shape with makeup, including application of artificial eyelashes.


AE101   Advanced Skin Disorders

30 Clock Hours

This course will discuss advanced skin disorders. Students will be trained to recognize skin that has been damaged by solar radiation, and how to treat this common condition. The recognition and treatment of different skin cancers, rosacea and other skin conditions will also be discussed.

30 Clock Hours

AE102   Skin Typing and Aging Analysis

The Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Typing and hormonal balance and how it affects the skin is the main topic of this course. The student will begin to recognize and utilize the five elements to identify skin conditions.

AE104   Advanced Facial Techniques

30 Clock Hours

This course contains information and practical applications of advanced facials. Such techniques as: treatments for sensitive skin, clinical exfoliation, superficial peels and advanced mask treatments are demonstrated and performed by the student.

20 Clock Hours

AE103   Botanical and Aromatherapy

This course includes demonstrations and practical applications of plant compounds and extract botanicals incorporated in a facial. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties are also applied.

AE105   Advanced Facial Devices

20 Clock Hours

The purchasing and operation of advanced skin care devices such as: IPL Facial Rejuvenation devices, LED, Microdermabrasion and Ultrasonic Technology devices are discussed in this course.

AE107   Ayurveda Theory and Treatment

20 Clock Hours

This course will take students to the Holistic Spa setting. The Doshas, and Ayurvedic treatments will be demonstrated and performed by the students.

AE106   Alternative Therapies

30 Clock Hours

The history of Alternative Medicine will be discussed. Students will learn to take a Holistic approach to rejuvenate the skin through balancing mind, body and soul. The Chakra System, crystals and gemstones, and the role of Color in healing will also be discussed.

AE108   Working in a Medical Setting

30 Clock Hours

This is a preparation and training for “Medical Aesthetics". Graduates can work in a Med Spa or Spa performing advanced treatments knowing the scope of practice performed by the" Medical Aesthetician".

AE109   The Esthetician's Role in Pre-and Post-Medical Treatments

30 Clock Hours

Students will learn about Pre-Medical or Laser Intervention procedures, Post-Procedure guidelines, and how to assist patients in a Med Spa setting. 


MU101 Evolution of Makeup

15 Clock Hours

This course will discuss the evolution of Makeup Artistry, a cultural influence that has been around since 4000 BCE. Students will understand and appreciate the trends of today and the pressing media idea that "Image is Everything". The future of Makeup will also be discussed.

20 Clock Hours

MU102 Infection Control (makeup)

State Laws & Rules and knowing the differences between them will be the main topic of this course. The students will distinguish the types and classifications of bacteria, and the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. The discussion will cover Standard Precautions, and how to safely clean and disinfect the Makeup station, tools and equipment as a responsible Makeup Artist.

15 Clock Hours

MU103 Tools of the Trade

The differences regarding Makeup brush-types and Makeup bristle-types and various utensils required for every Makeup Artists' tool kit will be the main topic of discussion. Students will learn to identify types of single-use tools for makeup application and to describe different types of makeup cases.

MU104 Color Theory

40 Clock Hours

 Students will learn to identify the components of the Color Wheel and the differences between warm colors and cool colors and to provide examples of each. Color saturation, color harmony, and how it influences makeup color choices will also be discussed. The "Real" Color Wheel will also be a part of the discussion.

MU105 Creating the Canvas

20 Clock Hours

Types of foundations and their descriptions, concealers, powders, and blush, along with their uses are informational in this course. Students will identify the six facial shapes, and how to determine the key objective in working with their characteristics.

MU106 Facial Features

15 Clock Hours

This course is about the identification of various eye shapes and ways to alter their appearance, eye makeup products and their uses, ways to create perfectly shaped eyebrows, and techniques used to enhance eyelashes. Different types of lipsticks and lip products, lip shapes and how to change the shape of the lip are included in this discussion.

MU107 Makeup for Men

15 Clock Hours

The 10 areas of the anatomy of the head that are important to know when applying makeup for men are discussed in this course, along with the 11 male features that may be challenging for makeup application. The 5 makeup products that are most likely to interest men are also included in the discussion.

MU108 Events

35 Clock Hours

Students will be familiarized with the tips for photography makeup applications, and the different needs for brides at different times of the day. The creation of the smoky eye look, pouty lip, and defined cheek and jawbone will be demonstrated by the instructor and performed by the students.

MU109 All About Lashes

30 Clock Hours

Contraindications for lash extensions and lash perming, tools and supplies needed for these techniques and the actual application of eyelash extensions will be demonstrated by the instructor and performed by the student. They will perform eyelash tinting and eyelash removal activities as well.

MU110 Camouflage Makeup

30 Clock Hours

Formulation of camouflage makeup and how to apply each formula will be discussed in this course. The identification of skin conditions that need camouflaging, retail take-home products and uses, along with the client's concerns will also be discussed.

MU111 Airbrush Makeup

30 Clock Hours

Students will learn to identify products and equipment used for airbrush makeup. They will learn the techniques required to control an airbrush, and airbrush maintenance, along with instruction on how to cover a tattoo using maximum coverage airbrush techniques.

MU112 Advanced Makeup Techniques

35 Clock Hours

This course provides hands-on activities in the creation of avant-garde and fantasy makeup application, its special features, characteristics, and purposes. The discussion includes permanent makeup, mortuary makeup, special effect makeup techniques and Mendhi makeup applications.

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