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Course cost

Tuition:   $9,922.00

Books/supplies/FEEs:   $2,252.00

TOTAL:   $12,174.00

Program: Facial Specialist and advanced esthetics

The Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education in the field of skin care. Instruction is designed to qualify students for employment upon successfully obtaining a Facial Specialist license, as well as prepare students for the spa industry, medical offices including dermatologic and plastic surgeons, and the new Medi-spa industry.


Upon completion of this program, graduates will receive a diploma from Florida Barber Academy, and qualify for State licensing as a Facial Specialist. At that point they may pursue an exciting career in the beauty industry.



  • Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamentals, 12th Edition: Publisher Milady 2020
  • Textbook (Hardcover-English) ISBN-13: 9780357263792
  • Milady Standard Esthetic: Advanced, 2nd Edition: Publisher Milady 2013
  • Textbook (Hardcover-English) ISBN-13: 9781111139094
  • CIMA Esthetics Fundamentals + Esthetics Advanced Package (English) ISBN-13: 9780357925690

Course details

COURSE NAME:   Facial specialist and advanced esthetics



COST OF PROGRAM:   $12,174.00

PROGRAM CIP:   14.0414

Overall graduation rate:   TBR


Job Placement Rate: TBR


           Delivery:   traditional/hybrid

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FBA gives the option/opportunity to purchase textbooks outside from the school, to new enrolled students for the Barber, Cosmetology, Nail Technician, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist and Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics Programs.

The institution will accommodate as such, to allow the students to use subsequent disbursement of Title IV Aid to pay for those funds. For further questions please contact the school financial aid office.



AE101- State of Florida Policies and Procedures for Skin Care Specialist

10 Clock Hours

Students will learn about the State of Florida policies and Procedures for skin care specialists. Will learn how to look up and apply the policies and procedures from the Florida Department of Business and Professionals Regulation.

12 Clock Hours

AE102- Infection Control for Skin Care Specialist

Students will learn how to properly sanitize their station and implements, as a Facial Specialist. Proper procedures to follow to assure sanitary conditions with all materials, implements, and products used. Students will be able to explain infection control; recognize the principles of infection; identify different types of pathogens; employ the principles of prevention; follow standard precautions to protect yourself and their clients; be able to demonstrate safe work practices and safety precautions. Students will learn about infection control which includes the rules and regulations governing workplace safety, hepatitis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis, community-acquired MRSA, the principles of infection control, gloves, cleaning/decontamination/sterilization reusable equipment, potential hazards for an esthetician, basic safety guidelines, and OSHA inspections.

10 Clock Hours

AE103- Moral Principles for Skin Care Specialist

Students will learn about ethics as a professional, which will provide the moral principles by which a Facial Specialist lives by. Students will learn ethical behavior that they will employ in five actions. Students will learn to communicate in a professional manner.

AE104- Fundamentals of Electricity Understanding

6 Clock Hours

Students will learn the basic fundamentals for beauty professionals to have a basic working knowledge of electricity and its safety.

AE105- Basic Skin Concepts

110 Clock Hours

Students will learn the physiology and histology of the skin, disorders and diseases of the skin, along with learning how to use facial devices and their technology.

AE106-Fundamentals Facial Practices

65 Clock Hours

Students will learn how to analyze the skin and differentiate the six Fitzpatrick skin types, be able to create an environment for treatment, and how to perform various treatments on clients.

AE107-Essential Product Knowledge

12 Clock Hours

Students will learn about skin care products, their chemistry, ingredients, and selection.

AE108- Body Hair Understanding

25 Clock Hours

Students will learn how to explain to client's hair removal, be able to identify the excessive hair growth, proper client consultation for hair removal service, understanding of the hair growth cycle, and be able to select the proper product for the service.

AE109- Basics of Cosmetics

30 Clock Hours

Students will learn the basics of makeup application, color theory, face shapes, prepare the station for service, highlighting and contouring techniques, and perform day and evening makeup looks.

AE110- Orientation to Advanced Esthetics

6 Clock Hours

Students will learn about the changes in esthetics which includes the global evolution of spas and spa treatments, advanced education, and employment opportunities, developing critical-thinking skills, enhancing soft skills, privacy laws, and professional organizations and publications.

AE111- General Sciences

50 Clock Hours

Students will learn advanced histology of the cell and the skin which includes the cellular structure and function, a brief overview of skin structure and function, the cells of the epidermis, major cells of the epidermis, how keratinocytes replace the stratum corneum, proteins of the dermis-the extracellular matrix (ECM), the cell cycle, an introduction to embryology - the stem cell, the major tissues in the body, the basic immune system, mechanism of exfoliation-the desmosomes, skin penetration and permeation, and sensory nerves and perception in the skin. Students will learn about hormones which includes what they are, the endocrine glands, other hormonal disorders that affect the skin, hormones produced by the ovaries and testes, the hormonal phases of life, hirsutism, obesity, anorexia, and hormones. Students will learn anatomy and physiology of the muscles and nerves which will include the muscle types, function of skeletal muscles, muscles of the head/face/neck/arms/shoulders/torso/legs, and facial nerve patterns. Students will learn about anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems which includes the cardiovascular system, blood, the heart, and the arterial/venous/lymphatic systems. Students will learn chemistry and biochemistry which includes the reference tools, principles of chemistry, chemical reactions, an understanding chemistry notation, chemicals found in the skin and body, chemical terms estheticians should know, botanical chemistry, and essential oil chemistry. Students will learn about light energy, and radiofrequency therapy which includes the history of light and energy devices, physics, safety governmental agencies, safety, basics understanding of how radiofrequency devices will improve skin, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and low-level light therapy.

AE112- Skin Sciences

80 Clock Hours

Students will learn wellness management which includes the nutrients and diet, nutrition and aging, the effects of stress on the body, and becoming proactive in stress management. Students will learn advanced skin disorders which will include the inflammation cascade, wound healing, short-term sun damage, long-term photo-aging, skin cancers, other sun-related skin growths, acne, rosacea, and when to refer a client for medical evaluation. Students will learn about skin typing and aging analysis which includes the Fitzpatrick skin typing, other skin typing systems, the aging analysis, the Glogau scale, Rubin classification, oriental reflex zones of the face, hormonal balance and skin identification, and skin categories. Students will learn about skin care products which will include why people use performance skin care cosmetics, cosmetic ingredient categories, product penetration, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retinoids and retinoid derivatives, free radicals, sunscreens, antioxidants, moisturizers and the essential need for skin hydration, botanicals, understanding organic, and nanotechnology. Students will learn about botanicals and aromatherapy which includes what are botanical ingredients, plant compounds and extracts, methods of botanical extraction, eleven botanicals for skin care, aromatherapy, and essential oils, what essential oils can do, essential oil chemistry, contraindications, thirteen essential oils, application of essential oils, recipes for skin and spa, the aromatherapy and botanical practice, holistic consultation, and legal considerations.  Students will learn about ingredients and products for skin issues which includes learning products for a successful home care regimen, line selection for designing a successful home care regimen, and how products are developed. Students will learn pharmacology for estheticians which includes on how to conduct the initial consultation, the FDA and drugs, prescription drugs, drug classifications, and over the counter (OTC) drugs.

AE113- Advanced Esthetics

258 Clock Hours

Students will learn advanced facial techniques which includes treatment variations, rosacea and sensitive skin treatments, clinic exfoliation treatments, and mask therapies. Students will learn advanced skin care massages such as massage contraindications, advanced facial movements, selecting and incorporating advanced movements, advanced neck and decolletage movements, advanced back movements, Shiatsu massage for the face, reflexology, stone massage for the face and neck, machine-aided facial lymphatic massage, and post-massage care. Students will learn about advanced facial devices, which will include areas such as purchasing process, skin analysis devices, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), machine-aided microdermabrasion, ultrasonic technology, microcurrent technology, electrodesiccation devices (radiofrequency), and management of complications. Students will learn about advanced hair removal which includes safety and disinfection first, hirsutism and hypertrichosis, threading, sugaring, hard wax, soft wax, product evaluation, advanced facial waxing, speed waxing and body techniques, and advanced male waxing. Students will learn advanced makeup which includes mineral makeup, airbrush makeup and spray tanning, eyelash perming, semipermanent eyelash extensions, and permanent cosmetics.

AE114- Spa and Alternative Therapies

50 Clock Hours

Students will learn about spa treatments which will include the understanding spas and their services, topics to consider when performing body treatments, preparing the client, the popularity of body wraps and masks, types of body wraps, and hydrotherapy and other specialty treatments. Students will learn about complementary wellness therapy which includes energy basics and management, the Chakra system, Reiki hands-on healing, energy therapies, crystals and gemstones, and an introduction to energy-balancing treatments to clients. Students will learn ayurveda theory and treatments which includes what is ayurvedic treatments, what makes a spa treatment ayurvedic, the five ayurvedic principles to apply to treatments, the three Doshas, Vata/Pitta/Kapha body-mind characteristics, and ayurvedic skin care treatments.

AE115- Medical Sciences

50 Clock Hours

Students will learn how estheticians work with physicians, the esthetician’s scope of practice in a medical setting, understanding HIPAA, be able to name the key personnel in a medical esthetic setting, be able to explain the scientific method, and understanding the importance of medical record keeping. Students will learn how medical terminology works, the history and basics of it, the root words, prefixes, suffixes, and pronunciations. Students will learn to define medical intervention, receive an introduction to Botox cosmetic, dysport, dermal fillers, sclerotherapy, and medical peels. Students will learn about plastic surgery procedures and how the esthetician plays a vital role with the client’s comprehensive skin care on procedures such as rhytidectomy, brow lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facial implants, augmentation mammoplasty, mastopexy, reduction mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty, and suction-assisted lipoplasty. Students will learn the esthetician's role in pre- and post-medical treatments and when to refer to the physician.

AE116- Business Skills

50 Clock Hours

Students will learn financial business skills such as being able to calculate business risk, components of a business plan, financial planning, protecting business assets, employee compensation, and a basic understanding of the IRS. Students will learn about marketing, be able to define it, customer and strategic value, customer relationship management, the promotion mix, the marketing plan, the brochure or menu of services, the usage of the internet and technology, and the marketing responsibility.

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