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Course cost

Tuition & Fees:   $11,205.00

Books/supplies/fees:   $2,229.00

TOTAL:   $13,434.00

Program: Barber

The purpose of the Barber program is to prepare students for state licensing and employment. The courses include the required. education from the Florida Barbers' Board. The program consists of 900 hours which includes a combination of theoretical and practical applications. The courses include but are not limited to safe and efficient work practices, human relations and employability skills, Florida barber laws and rules, knowledge of barbering and its relation to chemistry, bacteriology, haircutting, and the development of practical skills in performing the manipulative techniques required in the practice of barbering.


  • Textbooks: Milady Standard Barbering 6th Edition, Publisher: Milady 2017
  • Textbook (Hardcover-English) ISBN-13: 9781305100558
  • Textbook (Hardcover-Spanish) ISBN-13: 9781305100763
  • Workbook (Softcover-English) ISBN-13: 9781305100664
  • Workbook (Softcover-Spanish) ISBN-13: 9781305100831
  • CIMA (English) ISBN-13: 9780357812587
  • CIMA (Spanish) ISBN-13: 9780357920183

Course details


PROGRAM LENGTH:  7.5 months


COST OF PROGRAM:   $13,434.00

PROGRAM CIP:   12.0402

Overall graduation rate:  72%


Job Placement Rate:  73%

note:   Agencies rate reported to council on occupational education (coe)

           Delivery:   traditional/hybrid

FBA gives the option/opportunity to purchase textbooks outside from the school, to new enrolled students for the Barber, Cosmetology, Nail Technician, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist and Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics Programs.

The institution will accommodate as such, to allow the students to use subsequent disbursement of Title IV Aid to pay for those funds. For further questions please contact the school financial aid office.


BAR110  -  Florida Law and rules

225 Clock Hours

Students will learn Florida barber board laws and sanitation guidelines, permitted barbershop services and requirements, inspections, disciplinary guidelines, signage requirements regarding health and safety, HIV/AIDS education, and how to obtain and maintain a Florida barber license. Students will also learn about license display, fees related to various licenses/renewals/registrations, inactive licenses, DBPR general provisions, Florida Administrative Code chapter 61, board information (purpose, organization, meetings, determinations, procedures) and Barbers' Act chapter 476. Additionally, students will be taught soft skills, such as client greeting and consultation and proper station set-up.

270 Clock Hours

BAR111 -  Safety, Sanitation and sterilization and hiv/aids

Students will learn about standard precautions, handling exposure incidents, being able to differentiate between airborne and bloodborne pathogens, the levels of decontamination, the difference between disinfectant and antiseptics and protecting themselves and the public from unnecessary exposures. Students will also learn to be aware of the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV and AIDS, and what measures can be taken to control infection.

BAR112  -  Hair Structure and Chemistry

90 Clock Hours

Students will learn the different layers of the hair shaft, prevention of hair loss, the phases of the hair growth cycle, and common hair disorders. Students will learn about the pH levels of the hair and skin and the chemistry of the various shampoos and conditioners.

BAR113  -  Haircutting and styling

135 Clock Hours

The student learns all necessary techniques of hair cutting, including but not limited to, taper cuts, fades, flat tops, and standard haircuts using scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and freehand techniques. Students will also demonstrate style outs including blow-drying.

BAR114  -  Shampooing

45 Clock Hours

Students will learn about the different types of shampoos, how to select the and the appropriate shampoo based on each client’s need and the techniques and importance of shampooing and rinsing. The students will practice these techniques on mannequins and customers on the clinic floor under an instructor's supervision.

BAr115 -  Chemical Services

90 Clock Hours

Students will practice the application of chemical services, including but not limited to, permanent waving, coloring, or bleaching, hair relaxing and curling on mannequins and customers under the supervision of an instructor. Students will learn all phases of permanent waving and relaxing techniques, including customer consultation on rod sizes and perm selection. Topics also covered in this course include an introduction to coloring, classifications of hair coloring, preparation and application of permanent, semi-permanent rinses and bleaches.

BAR116  -  Shaving, Beard and Mustache Trimming

45 Clock Hours

Students will practice all areas of shaving techniques including softening of beard and applications of massage cream and tonics. The student will learn all fourteen standard positions and strokes.


available schedules

Mornings:   Monday-Friday - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Evenings:   Monday-Friday - 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM OR 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm



  • The State of Florida Barber’s Board which is responsible for licensing Barbers, has varied restrictions which may affect an individual with a history of a felony conviction. Upon completion afterward, the State Board is responsible for approving or denying any candidate upon completion of the program.
  • Criminal history is reviewed on a case-by-case situation. If the board denies the application (after completion of school)
  • Student will receive a Notice of Intent to Deny within 30 days of the meeting. The notice will provide details of why the application was denied and what steps they can take to request a hearing.

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