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Course cost

Tuition:   $750.00

Books & supplies:   $350.00

TOTAL:   $1,100.00

Program: Nail Technician

This program is designed to teach students the art and science of beautifying the nails of the hands and feet, to give a professional hand and foot massage, and to use safety precautions and sanitation methods.


Students will learn to identify diseases and disorders of the nails. Nail Extensions, Nail Wraps, Gel Nails and Nail Art will be Included, along with current information on infection control.


  • Textbook (Hardcover Nail-English) ISBN-13: 9780357446867
  • Textbook (Softcover Nail-Spanish) ISBN-13: 9780357446874
  • MindTap ISBN-13: 9781337786669

Course details

COURSE NAME:   Nail Technician

PROGRAM LENGTH:  Two (2) months


COST OF PROGRAM:   $1,100.00

PROGRAM CIP:   12.0410

Overall graduation rate: 100%


Job Placement Rate:  100%



NT101   History & Career Opportunities

2 Clock Hours

Students will acquire a thorough understanding of the history of beauty and nail technology as well as career opportunities available.

4 Clock Hours

NT102   Infection Control

Students will discuss State Laws & Rules and know the difference between them. They will learn the types and classification of bacteria. They will learn the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. They will learn Standard Precautions, and how to safely clean and disinfect salon tools and equipment as a responsible salon professional.

NT103   Manicures

20 Clock Hours

Students will learn techniques of manicure and spa manicure. They will become familiar with all manicure tools, equipment and materials.

NT104   Pedicures

10 Clock Hours

Students will learn techniques of pedicure and spa pedicure. They will become familiar with all pedicure tools, equipment and materials.

NT105   Electric Filing

10 Clock Hours

Students will learn about all types of electric files and bits. They will learn safety tips for electric filing and learn how to use electric files for both the hands and feet.

NT106   Nail Tips & Wraps

52.5 Clock Hours

Students will learn about the supplies needed for nail tip applications. They will learn to name and describe the 3 types of nail tips available. They will learn to list the types of fabric used in nail wraps and their specific applications.

NT107   Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

42.5 Clock Hours

Students will learn to explain monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancement chemistry and how it works. They will learn how to apply monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements over tips and on natural nails. They will also learn how to repair and remove acrylic nails.

NT108   UV & LED Gels

20 Clock Hours

Students will learn the chemistry and main ingredients of UV gels. They will learn the differences between UV lamps and UV bulbs. They will learn how to maintain and remove both soft and hard UV gels.

NT109   The Creative Touch

5 Clock Hours

Students will be introduced to all media of nail art and nail embellishment. They will learn to use their knowledge of the color wheel to creatively design and execute cutting edge nail art.

NT110   Nail Structure & Growth/ Nail Disorders & Diseases

65 Clock Hours

Students will learn nail anatomy, nail growth, and all about the natural nail. Students will learn to list and describe the various disorders and irregularities of nails. They will learn to describe diseases of the nails that should not be treated in salons.

NT111   The Salon Business

5 Clock Hours

Students will learn how to go into business for themselves. They will learn how to build and operate a successful salon. They will learn the business operations that lead to personal and financial success. They will also learn how to sell their salon business if need be.


4 Clock Hours

Students will learn about hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and explain how they are transmitted.

available schedules

Mornings:   Monday-Friday - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Evenings:  Monday-Friday - 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM OR 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday:   for makeup hours

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