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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Join us in learning how to make the best first impression! Learn how to dress appropriately and what questions to expect at an interview.

Interview Preparation

Communicate Effectively

An interview can be even more difficult when you are nervous.  Try listening to what is being asked and answer the interviewers questions promptly.  Avoiding simple answers like, "yes" or "no" could make or break the interview. Use proper grammar and a professional tone; never use slang or inappropriate language.


You can ask appropriate, well-thought out questions. Prepare some relevant question for the end of the interview. These should relate to the position but not focus on the benefits. And stay on track. The interviewer is looking form information on what kind of employee you would be. Keep to the point and do not bring up extraneous matters.


Your goal is to sell yourself and to provide a clear picture of that company can benefit from your skills. Realize your potential, and be ready to tie it all together by matching your skills with the positions requirements.

After interview

At the very end of the interview thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Do not loiter around after the interview ends. Do not expect an offer on the spot. Do not mention salary & benefits unless the employer brings up the subject. If you are offered the position you will be given this information. To ask during the interview makes it seem as though this is the most important factor. It reflects poorly on you.


  • A "thank-you" note should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. Reaffirm your interest. Specifically refer to a topic that was discussed in the interview. Re-introduce your candidacy.
  • Talk the interview through with someone who listens well. Compare notes with other who have gone through the interview process. Write down what your strengths were during the interview, what did not go as planned, what can you do differently. Continue your job search.

Know the employer

In order to prepare effectively for a job interview, you know as much as possible about the company you're interviewing with. Your research will reflect enthusiasm and interest to the potential employer. keep up on local and national news regarding the field your choose to pursue.

Interview Etiquette

  • Punctuality is important. Five yourself an extra 15-20 minutes before your set appointment. Be conscious of potential traffic. Whatever you do, do not be late.
  • Be Polite. Remember your manners. Be friendly to the receptionist. They may be asked by the interviewer about their impression of you.
  • If the policy is to fill out an application, do so even if you already have a resume outlining the same information asked for in the application. Complete it neatly and answer all the questions. Do not simply write, "see attached resume."
  • A firm handshake. Wait for your interviewer to initiate the handshake. Make sure your grip is firm but not crushing.
  • Use only the name the interviewer uses to introduce themselves.
  • Don't be a chatterbox. Although it is important to be conversational in your interview, you should not have a one-sided conversation.
  • Do not slouch or cross your legs, Body language is crucial in an interview, so maintain good posture.
  • Smile even if you are nervous. You want to remain approachable and not seem stern.
  • It goes without saying that you should not chew gum, candy, or mints during your interview.
  • Try not to start any interview by asking about the job's financial particulars. Wait until the end or halfway through the interview.

Practice interviewing

We offer several options for those FBA students looking to practice and perfect their interviewing skills. To increase your chances of a successful interview: practice, practice, practice!  We offer coordinated practice interviews that include advice on pre-interview preparation, suitable attire, appropriate interview materials, communication skills, the question-and-answer process, and interview follow ups.

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Dressing for Success

You've spent hours, days, weeks trying to land that big interview with your dream company and you finally got it. But before you step into that interview, consult our Student Services to guide you on making the best first impression possible.


Networking is communicating and interacting with people to “exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career” according to Google. Google's right! We network to introduce ourselves to people who can introduce us to other people. The key is to start early and connect with people in the industry before you complete your program.


  • Create your profile - Social media will help you tremendously.
  • Connect with groups in the industry - Focus on your industry and start conversations with them.
  • Connect with other students or graduates - They'll have great connections.
  • Connect all over - everyone you know has connections. Start there!
  • Ask questions - Don't do all the talking.
  • Be punctual - Respect the time and show them your enthusiasm by being on time.
  • Bring business cards - Make a good one too. This is remind them of your when they look through their business cards at the end of the day.
  • Follow up - This is key is you want to stand out. Email them a quick "Thank you" for the time spent with you or the help they gave you. They'll be excited to hear about your progress as you move forward.
  • Don't get discouraged - Not all meet ups are successful, but keep a positive attitude and embrace every opportunity to make new connections.

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